What Does Magic Mushroom Do To Your Body?

Magic Mushroom

An active ingredient called psilocybin that is containing in magic mushrooms influences the consumer’s body and brain. However, this influence is not always a benefit – a wrong purpose of using or an overdose can easily lead a consumer to the appearance of downsides (that is quite uncommon). While in a psychedelic trip, be ready to feel some physical and mental effects. Keep reading and find out what do mushrooms do to your body.

Psilocybin mushrooms are considering one of the safest drugs to use. The active component of psilocybin won’t cause an addiction in the users. After a compound comes to a person’s system, it turns into psilocin – it can provide some hallucinogenic effects to the body. Still, the drug has a low level of toxicity. The abusing of magic mushrooms is not a widespread phenomenon too – psilocybin in most cases is not harmful to the human body.

It is known that shrooms affect on person’s body and mindset, and this effect is usually potent. Besides, users haven’t experienced a strong desire to use magic mushrooms regularly, which means there is no naturally appeared need for psilocybin. Users may just refer to shrooms to enjoy the trip for its relaxing effect. The side effects are not likely to appear, although, they aren’t as serious as they may seem.

In addition, the risk of overdosing on magic mushrooms is quite low, but it will be nice if every user is familiar with the signs of overdose. 

These symptoms are often included:

  • vomiting;

  • seizures;

  • strong panic and paranoia;

  • psychosis, etc. 

Not a suitable environment or being in the bad mood can cause the appearance of side effects as well.

Shroom effects on the body

Many types of research confirmed that when psilocybin comes to your body, it can change the work of the entire central nervous system – that helps us figure out what do shrooms do. 

Our organism perceives this active ingredient as serotonin, so the injection of the shrooms may change a reaction of the body to different stimulators. Keep in mind that eating poisonous mushrooms by mistake can easily lead you to more serious consequences.

When it comes to side effects, the users rarely can feel downsides. Although, they most often experienced some physical effects, included:

1. Drowsiness and yawning

2. Headaches

3. Nausea and vomiting

4. Weakness

5. Disturbed coordination

6. Increased heart rate

7. Pupil dilation (when psilocybin comes to your system, it stimulates excretion of serotonin – that is why the users of shrooms in most cases observe a pupil dilation).

So, the main question is what does mushroom do for your body? In fact, you will experience a psychedelic trip with a feeling of a mental and physical impact. If everything is done right, you will get only benefits with some range of body effects, since psilocybin affects our central nervous system.