Psychedelics vs Alcohol: What’s the Difference?

Psychedelics vs Alcohol

What’s the difference between psychedelics vs alcohol? Alcohol is all around us and has been a part of our culture forever. And although psychedelics have been around for just as long, they haven’t received the same level of mainstream acceptance.

That’s why we’re going to look at the differences between psychedelics and alcohol in this article, so we can clear up some common misconceptions.

Psychedelics vs. Alcohol: What’s the Difference?

The term psychedelics cover a wide range of drugs, including LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, DMT, DOM, 2C-B, and peyote. Although these drugs all belong to the same category, they vary in strength and effect.

Alcohol, as you probably already know, also comes in many different forms: beer, cider, wine, whiskey, vodka, and so on. The effects of alcohol are completely different from those of psychedelics since alcohol is a depressant.

Most psychedelics are illegal in many parts of the world, whereas alcohol is the opposite. For that reason, it can be more difficult to get proper information about psychedelics compared to the widely spread knowledge of alcohol.

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Are Psychedelics More Dangerous than Alcohol?

The discrepancy in legal status is interesting because it actually turns out that psychedelics are much safer to use than alcohol.

That’s not just some kooky website telling you — it’s science.

A study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that alcohol is much worse for mental health than psychedelics.

Famous author and Stanford philosopher Sam Harris has also been a proponent of the moderate use of psychedelics for spiritual purposes.

The chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in the United Kingdom, Professor David Nutt, also used scientific evidence to argue for the reclassification of psychedelics.

We could go on…

… but let’s just say that study after study has shown psychedelics to be the safer choice.

Is It Safe to Mix Psychedelics and Alcohol?

While many psychedelics are harmless relative to alcohol, it’s not always a good idea to mix the two. Alcohol still has negative side effects, such as the loss of inhibitions.

On top of that, there isn’t a lot of research that has looked into how alcohol and psychedelics interact. And for that reason alone, it’s best to keep them separate.

Some psychedelics cause an unpleasant sensation when they begin to wear off, and that’s why many people find it tempting to take a drink — but we can’t recommend it!

Can Psychedelics Help You Quit Drinking?

The good news is that psychedelics can actually help you if you have a drinking problem. Several studies have looked at how treatments with psychedelics can help alcoholics.

One such study examined the efficiency of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in a clinical setting. Psilocybin seemed to have a positive effect on their bad habit.

Last year, another study found that particularly LSD, magic mushrooms, and psilocybin could help reduce alcohol dependency in the study’s participants.

Where Can You Get Psychedelics?

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