Microdosing Mushrooms and the Placebo Effect

Microdosing Mushrooms Placebo
Microdosing magic mushrooms have become a popular method of improving general well-being in recent years. Microdosers usually confirm great benefits, including increasing productivity, boosting mood and concentration, reduction of anxiety and stress. However, several new studies of microdosing mushrooms explain that these advantages may come at the expanse of the placebo effect. As it turns out, users who took placebos regularly talked about literally the same benefits as the users of microdosing psilocybin mushrooms. So, let’s discover, does the magic mushrooms microdosing work actually due to the placebo effect or not?

The Placebo Effect

The placebo effect determines by the ability of the human brain to help to heal – this phenomenon is considering a truly powerful feature of our brain. A placebo effect can be as effectual as certain medical treatments – a belief in the effectiveness of a cure can have a strong influence on its success. Apart from that, a placebo effect on the practice means an experiencing of administration of the identity on the look treatment or medicament, and at the same time admitting the benefits. A placebo itself doesn’t cause a medical effect and usually comes in the shape of a pill or injection.  A patient who takes a placebo in most cases doesn`t guess that he\she takes not a real treatment. The placebo effect is essentially built on the belief that the medicaments that a person takes are working, even if these medications are replaced by the simplest sugar pills placebo.

Benefits Of Microdosing Mushrooms Might Be A Placebo Effect?

Recent microdosing mushrooms study becomes the largest placebo-controlled research on psychedelics since there were involved 191 microdosers in the experiment. A study was conducted within a four-week course of treatment. The participants were divided into three groups: a group that has taken placebos, a group that has microdosed, and another group that has taken placebos for half of the period and then microdosed for two weeks. Members were allowed to use any psychedelic substance they want – mostly, they referred to the microdosing with mushrooms and LSD. As a result, the participants-microdosers admitted visible changes in the feeling of their general well-being, improved mood, and life appreciation. Curiously, the members who have administrated placebos observed the same benefits! The researchers concluded that magic mushrooms microdosing, as well as microdosing on LSD, brings a user several improvements of their general health condition referring to the psychological measures.  On the other hand, while the placebo group of participants has experienced the same advantages, a study confirmed that the mechanism standing behind the microdosing benefits is similar to the placebo-like effect of expectation rather than explained from the pharmacological side. Researchers are sure that a positive background while microdosing on mushrooms plays a big role and leads to success. Still, if you believe in the benefits of microdosing, you will get them. However, these advantages mostly don’t go beyond the placebo effect that is quite disappointing concerning the practice of microdosing.