Microdosing LSD vs Mushrooms

Microdosing LSD vs Mushrooms

Did you know that Steve Jobs himself attributed part of his success, part of his fortune to $ 7 billion, part of his enriched consciousness to the mystical experience under acid?

And he was partly right. Microdosing with shrooms or LSD helps to focus on work and goals, fighting anxiety, depression, and forgetting about childhood trauma.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the use of a small amount of psychedelic to increase creativity, performance, and also as one of the tools of therapy, while the experience of the trip remains controlled and does not cause any visible effects associated with a change in consciousness.

Now that we understand the basics of the technique itself, we need to figure out the differences between microdosing shrooms and LSD.

So let’s put them on a list:

1. Origin;

There is the most significant difference in microdosing on shrooms vs LSD, namely the origin of the psychedelic. As you can imagine, acid is a human invention, and psilocybin mushroom is an invention of nature.

There are people for whom this moment is already decisive since they perceive plants as stronger marijuana, that is, safe because the person has not touched them.  The acid seems to be less reliable because a person can accidentally confuse dosage and consistency in preparation, as in the case with other synthetic drugs.

However, there is another point of view.  No one controls the growth of mushrooms, no one is responsible for the environment in which they are found.  Moreover, the danger of their use is not reduced to zero, since the person who collected them could not recognize the false psilocybin mushroom or confuse the shroom with something else.

But scientists spent years of their lives deriving the correct acid formula. So, now we can say that they brought out an improved way of self-knowledge.  In addition, the process of assimilating LSD is much easier, faster, and more painless than in the case of mushrooms.

2. Quantity and type;

Another aspect that distinguishes microdosing shrooms vs LSD.  With the latter, there will be no big problems, since usually the acid is sold in the form of impregnated paper, which can be easily cut into small pieces, the main thing is to weigh and maintain the proportion.

But mushrooms are, at first glance, an unyielding material for division and microdosing.  The problem is that psilocybin is not evenly distributed, which means that by biting from the mushroom on one side and the other, you will get either too little or too much psychedelic.  We advise you better to buy a supply of capsules, then grind the plants to a powder in a coffee grinder and package.

 Dr. Fadiman says to take 10-20 micrograms of LSD or 0.2-0.5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms in the morning 1-2 before breakfast, take a break for two days, and take it again – and so 10 cycles, i.e.  30 days.  It makes sense at the end of the day to take a short note about how your day went (so that you can later evaluate the effects, not only from memory).

3. The difference in the impact on consciousness;

Microdosing LSD vs mushrooms is about differences in sensations, not differences in invisible effects. You will still feel the echoes of a full-fledged trip, so choose a substance that is more suitable and comfortable for you.

The state under the mushrooms is described as more thoughtful, introverted, with immersion in the farthest corners of consciousness. If you need to change yourself from the inside, remove internal barriers and valves, rethink yourself, then psilocybin will help you. That is why such microdosing is suitable for those who have problems with conducting internal dialogue, who, as a result of trauma, closed their consciousness.

4. Status in legislation;

Everyone knows that LSD is illegal, and mushrooms are in the process of decriminalization.  These points are also worth considering because you don’t want to get into a difficult situation because of your therapy, right?

5. On taste and color of the comrade is not present;

Try microdosing with both shrooms and LSD in rotation. You can read a million articles on the Internet, but you will not be able to choose your option, because you need to feel it.