Magic Mushroom Legality Around the World

Magic Mushroom Legality

There are many countries worldwide where the application of psilocybin is permissive according to national laws. The legality of psychedelic mushrooms is not like a bolt from the blue whether we talk about the parts of the planet where the government allows their usage.

As we examine the list of places where are shrooms legal and people have no trouble with getting the dose of psychedelics, it includes many locations. Today we are going to tell only about a few of them.

Where are magic mushrooms legal? 


The country has supported the spread of magic mushrooms legality, whether with psilocybin the situation is not the same. The state powers are still against the availability of the mentioned substance as to the fungal one.

The interesting fact WayofLeaf tells about is that during the last years there have been no entries stating that somebody was accused of growing or broadening the magic mushrooms to sell.


The law system resembles in Spain. This European country has banned the growing demand for psilocybin legal and the magic mushrooms to distribute. Nevertheless, talking about the small number of shrooms personally cultivated for their usage, nobody expects punishment. It is legal to please your needs, as you avoid helping somebody else.


One more country that replenishes the number of ones where the inhabitants have access to legal drugs is Vietnam. Although the regulators have forbidden them to be consumed, no one did the same for the ornamental needs of some art people. They still have the opportunity to stock them up as they are required for creativity.

The Netherlands

The likelihood of satisfaction for tourists or people who pretend to be round-the-globe travelers. For more than a decade, since 2008, there has been allowed to consume the legal psilocybin, although only in the truffle form. The growers and users mainly name them magic truffles. Providing that you desire to feel their visible perks, it is allowed in the Netherlands.


The law is also loyal to magic mushrooms legality in Austria. The rules allow legal mushrooms to grow but not to harvest these shroom pleasure providers. The people who produce magic mushrooms or just find them somewhere, having them fresh, have no restrictions or bans. They may even do online shopping for some kits appointed for growing. It is entirely ok to compare the prices, read the reviews, etc.


Analyzing all the information above, it is obvious that across the last decades the international governments have increased the loyalty level covering psilocybin substances and also magic shrooms. 

Another point in favor is that some states or countries where there is a ban on using such psychedelics have also supported cannabis legalization. For instance, Canada belongs to this list.