Can You Smoke Shrooms?

Smoke Shrooms

Today, there are numerous ways of consumption of magic mushrooms – and smoking is one of these methods. Besides, real advantages from smoking psilocybin-contain mushrooms aren’t confirmed now due to the lack of studies in this area. However, you can still smoke shrooms, but what effect you will get? And is it safe enough? Can you smoke mushrooms without harmful effects on your health? Let’s find out.

How to smoke shrooms

It’s not complicated to understand how to smoke shrooms by using an experience of smoking marijuana cigarettes. Users often grind dried magic mushrooms into a powder. Then, they twist it up into a so-called cigarette, usually made with rolling papers. Sometimes consumers mix a mushroom powder with tobacco or cannabis or even put it in the tobacco pipe.

What happens if you smoke shrooms

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say what exactly happens when you smoke shrooms, we can just refer to the experience of some users. Still, there are some cases. Of course, smoking mushrooms won’t cause the same effect as while on a psychedelic trip. Some consumers even confirmed that smoking shroom was a complete waste of time. Moreover, other risks include:

1) Increasing nausea;

2) Probability of appearance lungs disorder;

3) Probability of appearance lungs infections by inhaling of certain mold spores contained in mushrooms;

4) Increasing the chance to get a bad trip.

Effects of smoking shrooms

Effects of smoking shrooms usually are quite unpleasant, because smoking magic mushrooms are considered to be not the best way to consume shrooms. This way, effects that you are expecting usually turn into side effects. Here are some potential downsides of smoking shrooms:

  • Muscle spasms;
  • Appearance of nausea and vomiting;
  • Stomach spasms and diarrhea;
  • High body temperature;
  • Lack of coordination;
  • Increasing blood pressure;
  • Violation of perception of reality.

Whether you decided to smoke magic mushrooms, think twice before doing it. It is known that smoking in any form is still considered to be a not good habit at all, especially if you want to try to smoke shrooms. There are many other ways to consume shrooms without bad consequences for your health.

Replacing smoking will be the best solution due to the fact of its dangerous impact on the lungs, and you probably won’t feel anything. You may try a tea brewed on mushrooms or eat it fresh instead of smoking. Anyway, each of these methods will be better for you – you will experience psychedelic therapy and get a good effect as well.

Smoking shroom isn’t a very nice idea, especially if you mix it with marijuana or tobacco – the harmful effect will even intensify! Alcohol is also included in the list of undesirable substances to mix with. Moreover, there is an additional risk to your lungs and a lot of side effects.