Can Mushrooms Talk? Research Suggests Mushrooms Talk To Each Other With A Vocabulary Of 50 Words

Can Mushrooms Talk

The nature of mushrooms is pretty mystique, and you probably never thought that they even can … talk to each other! According to a recent study, fungi were quite talkative growing in the forests. Moreover, their conversations were recorded, and believe it or not, scientists compare them with people’s speech. In this article, we’ll try to plunge deeper into the fungus communication concept that you didn’t know before.

Do mushrooms have intelligence?

The fungus is all made up of mycelia consisting of tiny threads known as hyphae. And according to the research of one fungi expert, mycelia appear as pretty intelligent structures. Why? Mycelia are in charge of forming large networks at the expense of consistent spreading and respawning. These structural components of mushrooms help to extend the growing area of fungi so they can absorb more water and necessary nutrients. Apart from that, mycelia are considered a true natural phenomenon since they can also carry weight 30 times bigger than their own. Mycelia in mushrooms tend to destroy multiple natural structures, too.

How mushrooms are connected?

So, can mushrooms talk? The secret of talking mushrooms is relatively easy to comprehend – multiple electrical impulses that travel through their hyphae play a significant role in fungus interactions. These structures are similar to the human central nervous system, where numerous nerve cells transfer data. The mushroom connections via electrical impulses can intensify with every new contact between wood-digesting fungi and wooden blocks.

Do mushrooms communicate with each other?

Mushrooms talking to each other is a new phenomenon that remains a point of interest for many scientists. Even though researchers doubt whether mushroom communication patterns are similar to human speech, they conclude that fungus electrical spikes can be correlated to a vocabulary of up to 50 words. Sounds impossible, isn’t it? 

Moreover, professor Adamatzky emphasized that the average word of mushrooms has around 5.97 letters while English is associated with 4.8 letters per single word. A scientist suggests other evidence of how mushrooms communicate that considers that the fungi kingdom features its mind, not to mention unique consciousness.

Why do mushrooms talk to each other?

While the concept of fungus communication requires more evidence and trials to conclude that there is a mushroom language, the truth is that mushrooms can talk via their electrical impulses. The purpose of such interaction isn’t investigated enough, but researchers suggest that fungi can potentially share information about food. 

They can also inform other hyphae-connected partners, such as trees, about any possible threats. Again, the current state of mushroom communication studies isn’t sufficient to prove such thoughts, but it would be nice for us to see the fungus language in Google Translator one day.