5 Songs For Transformational Psychedelic Mushroom Experiences

5 Songs For Transformational Psychedelic Mushroom Experiences

The music accompaniment is essential for any psychedelic therapy since it might give a user its therapeutic outcome. Music for mushrooms can help a consumer to relax or reach the desired spiritual experience. The musical considerations remain a personal choice, but some typical psychedelic trip music still exists. Keep in mind that different tracks will suit each phase of your mushroom trip. Are you interested in discovering the best music for mushroom trip? Keep reading.

Music For Tripping: Top 5 Considerations

  1. Faith’s Hymn & Resonance Meditation – Beautiful Chorus

This song is perfect for introducing the beginning of your psychedelic trip. You can create a favorable and easy atmosphere to dive into the spiritual experience with Beautiful Chorus in the background. Moreover, you can choose for yourself the whole album of these artists that is called Resonance Meditation – be sure both come up and come down of your tripping will go properly.

  1. Paradise Valley – Jay Daniel

Consider this fantastic track for the peak of your psychedelic experience. It brings you an unforgettable atmosphere while you plunge into the core of the trip. Paradise Valley won’t distract you but gently guide you throughout the journey with other music for mushroom trips. You will feel like moving through the water on a boat. Sounds promising, isn’t it?

  1. Mating Dance – Natureboy Flako

Don’t pass by this loving song for the culmination of your psychedelic journey. Since it is almost instrumental, you will get the exciting feeling to go to a transformational peak. While tripping, it is essential to create the appropriate atmosphere around you, and Mating Dance is all about giving you the hypnotic and magic vibe.

  1. Here Comes the Sun – Nina Simone

Whether you doubt about music to listen to on mushrooms, then this track is for you. Here Comes the Sunsuits the comedown of your magic mushrooms` trip when you move smoothly from a peak to the ending of your experience. It is where you may feel frightened or in panic, but be sure the easy motives of this song will make you feel as comfortable as possible. It is a great musical choice for everyone willing to return to a previous condition of the body and mind after the spiritual experience without any hassle.

  1. Abusey Junction – KOKOROKO

A not less nice solution for mushroom trip music remains the repertoire of Abusey Junction. Once you are interested in making the hypnotic and calming vibe around you what is worth coming down to yourself, a track KOKOROKO will ideally suit you. Users have chosen the Junction’s albums for their stirring and charming motives that are great to complete your psychedelic trip. Let yourself feel calm and easy even when the end of a trip comes.

Final Thoughts

Music for tripping is quite an individual business, but you should pick up songs for trips carefully. Your goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere for psychedelic therapy to get the desired outcomes. Follow our shortlist of psychedelic songs to get an exciting experience.