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200mg Psilocybin Microdose | 30 Capsules | 1 Bottle

Product Rating:

Product Rating

Product Review (submitted on April 2, 2022):

I tried 100mg first. That wasn't enough for me. Then was taking two of them in the morning. So I ordered a bottle of 500mg. Thinking it would be better than 200mg. I was wrong it was too strong to function. Especially if you take 2 500mg capsules. You'll have nice body feeling, but won't want to do anything. With 200mg it's like I feel great/amazing all day long. Have motivation, energy, and focus, and throw stress, and anxiety out the window. It's like no more of those. I'm bipolar and it doesn't make me manic either. Which is great and amazing. There's been some shipping issues, but I've been helping them with that. As I have experience importing kratom to USA. Hopefully soon I get my shipment. I have faith in amazing shrooms. This is a great company to deal with anything. I wish I could work for them. Greatly impressed with customer service that I have recieved. I have high hopes for this company being around for a long time. Between products and customer service you can't beat them. Order some today. It does take a little while for shipping time even when regular shippingand no issues. So be prepared for that especially for reorder. Oh also I take 200mg every morning. Starts my morning off perfectly. I'm debating stopping my psychological medications or at least a few of them. I'm Bi-polar, PTSD, ADHD, Extreme anxiety and extreme depression. All that stuff gets thrown out the window when I take the 200mg dosage every morning. Like clock work. If I feel like feeling even more amazing I take another at 12 noon and feel great working later in the evening. Oh and the sleep. I sleep like a baby as long as I don't take a capsule after 12 noon. Sweet dreams and feel fully rested every morning. I've needed this for 30 plus years. My life would have been much different, but I have it now and greatly appreciate it. Thank you amazing shrooms! You guys and gals are the amazing part too!