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200mg Psilocybin Microdose | 30 Capsules | 1 Bottle

Product Rating:

Product Rating

Product Review (submitted on March 16, 2022):

These help me to feel the best I have ever felt mentally. I have bi-polar disorder, ADHD, PTSD, with extreme anxiety. Ive taken pretty much all pharmaceutical medications for my disorders. This is the first thing EVER to really help me. Like i feel like a new person. I have focus and can multitask like crazy. I would also feel good at the end of the day and sleep great. Which I've been awake since 1am. Oh yeah I have insomnia too.

If I could get my order I'D be much happier. I placed two orders without a hitch. Then ordered 6 bottles and they have gotten stopped at customs twice. The dose size is perfect for energy and focus. I tried 100mg first. Taking 2 100mg is what worked best. Then I ordered 500mg and wasn't really negative effects just didn't give me energy and focus as much as 200mg. Did give really good anxiety relief but 200mg did that too. Took a 500mg in morning and then took 2 500mg in afternoon and felt amazing but definitely was just laying in bed watching trippy TV show. So hopefully 200mg is where it's at once I get my shipment. It's been way over a month waiting on them. They are having customs issues. Which I don't think they understand exactly what to do yet as two of my shipments were stopped. Hopefully 3rd shipment is a charm.